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Ötztal Cycle Marathon

Oetztal cycle marathon

The start of the first Oetztal cycle marathon was in 1982. Since then, tens of thousands of racing cyclists try to get one of the 4000 starting places, these are awarded by lottery since 2008.

The route of the Oetztal cycle marathon has an official length of 238 km and 5,500 meters of altitude.

The route map for download you can find here.

  • Ötztaler Radmarathon
  • Ötztaler Radmarathon


Oetz - Kühtai: max. 18% gradient; 1200 alt; 18,5 KM distance
Innsbruck - Brenner/Brennero: max. 12 % gradient; 777 alt; 39 KM distance 
Sterzing/Vipiteno - Jaufenpass/Passo Giovo: max. 12 % gradient; 1130 alt; 15,5 KM distance 
St. Leonhard/San Leonardo - Timmelsjoch/Passo Rombo: max. 14 % gradient; 1759 alt; 28,7 KM distance 

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